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About Film

She Wins Beyond the Bruises is a true-life account of domestic violence through the eyes of three women: Robin Sample, Anne Sewell, and Ira Warren. Produced by Tamika Hall and directed by Tee Tunnell Harris, She Wins Beyond the Bruises is an inspiring documentary of pain, purpose, & God's victorious power.


Robin M. Sample

Anne Sewell

Ira Warren


Robin - Skye England

Boyfriend - Ralph Johnson II

Angie - Jasmine Jett


Anne - Layla Martin**

Boyfriend - Tom Hayman**

Friend - Courtney Brown

Friend - Jasmine Smith


Young Ira - Taliya J. Hayman

Ira's mother - Vivian Perry

Ira's father - Dontay Bruce

Ira - LaVeta Cameron

Boyfriend - Juante Wilson


1.     Director - Tee Tunnell Harris

2.     Writers - Tee Tunnell Harris

3.     Producer - Tamika Hall

4.     Executive Producer - Tamika Hall

5.     Lead Cast  - Please see above names ** 

6.     Supporting Cast - Not highlighted with **

7.     Director of Photography - Tee Tunnell Harris

8.     Production Designer -Tamika Hall

9.     Editor - Derrick 

10.  “Free Woman” by Ty Bolden

11.  Casting Director - Tee Tunnell Harris


First camera assistant - Allison Slmoski

Second camera assistant - Joseph Luciano

Candid Camera Footage: Tamika Hall

Boom operator - Jasmine Smith

Key make up artist - Brittni Torres-Clark

Lamp operator - Roland Boyden

Sound mixers - Jeff Bethea, Roland Boyden, Tee Tunnell Harris

Production Assistants - Courtney Brown, Jasmine Smith, Amari Hall

Filmed on location in: Pennsylvania and Delaware


Copyright (insert symbol) 2020 Tamika Hall and The Keys Productions

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