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About the Book

Get ready to be inspired and motivated by 18 women from around the globe powered by purpose. The Courage to Be Free is a written anthem that covers overcoming perfectionism and body image, healing from childhood trauma, suicide, surviving sexual abuse and domestic violence, dominating the workplace, and loving the essence of who we are. As you read the stories, you will be able to connect on some level. Whether the story applies to you directly or indirectly, the lessons taught are priceless.

The Courage to Be Free features the testimonies of:


Donna Akins
Ty Bolden
Heather L. Duma
Monica Eikerenkoetter Green
Tee Hubbs
Kenyia Hutchins-Hollis
Rachel Ilunga
Tonya Johnson
Ebony Mays
Cassandra McCray
Dr. Alice M. Millsap
Jackie Nugent
Robin Sample
Alesha Shaw
Stephany Smith
Clarissa Stroud-Kemp
Tanya Tenica
Tiki T. Tunstall

Meet the Authors!

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