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Hi there! I created the Kingdom Seekers book series to educate children about this great big God we serve and to inspire them to draw closer to God. The Kingdom Seekers are a church group of 8 and 9-year-olds, led by Miss Chantai. Miss Chantai is a very unique youth minister who takes her group on adventures through time with the help of the class Bible. The Kingdom Seekers solve real life problems by diving into that word of God. What adventure will they embark on next? Grab a book and find out!



3rd Grade



3rd Grade



3rd Grade


Miss Chantai


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Trinity has to face her fear of attending a new school. When she shares that she is unsure that her feelings matter to God with her Sunday School teacher, the Kingdom Seekers Class dives into the Bible. They travel back in time to ancient Capernaum, where they meet Jesus and the disciples. There, Jesus teaches Trinity the power of her prayers and how important she and her feelings really are.

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With more than 17 years in education, Tamika holds a degree in Theatre and Hispanic Studies from Washington College and has created educational programming for children for more than two decades. A publisher and award-winning bestselling author of more than two dozen books and magazines, Kingdom Seekers was created to help children cultivate a relationship with God.

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