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How to Heal from Divorce (Part 1)

For two years I have intentionally fought to heal. It wasn't always easy, but the fight to meeting the "me" I've always wanted to be was well worth it. Healing is within your reach. Pursue it with intention.

Divorce is painful. It's the ending of being connected to someone and you feel like you lose half of yourself. This is NOT a video about my fact, I don't even talk about it. That isn't important.

The pain I have healed from has been more than just a failed marriage. Over the last few years, I've intentionally fought to heal from the reality of rejection, molestation, rape, and abuse...things that happened way before I was married or even knew my ex-husband. Things that I buried deep.

In this video, I talk about how to protect your peace while you heal from the end of your relationship. How to mend the fragments of your broken heart. How to love yourself and be kind to yourself.

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